Starting in 1994, a series of workshops on Applied Parallel Computing, named Para94, Para95 and Para96, were successfully organized by the Danish Computing Centre for Research and Education (UNI-C) and Department of Informatics and Mathematical Modelling of the Technical University of Denmark (IMM/DTU) in Lyngby, Denmark. Jerzy Wasniewski initiated these workshops where also Jack Dongarra got involved during a longer visit to Lyngby, helping promote the meetings internationally. Since 1998, the workshops have become a Nordic effort, but both Jerzy and Jack have continued to be an integral part of the meetings. The main themes and locations of these and upcoming meetings are summarized below:

PARA94  Theme: Parallel Scientific Computing, Lyngby, Denamrk
PARA95  Theme: Physics, Chemistry and Engineering Science, Lyngby, Denmark
PARA96  Theme: Industrial Problems and Optimization, Lyngby, Denmark
PARA 1998  Theme: Large Scale Scientific and Industrial Problems, Umeå Sweden
PARA 2000  Theme: New Paradigms for HPC in Industry and Academia, Bergen, Norway
PARA 2002  Theme: Advanced Scientific Computing, Helsinki, Finland
PARA 2004  Theme: State-of-the-art in Scientific Computing, Copenhagen, Denmark
PARA 2006  Theme: State-of-the-art in Scientific and Parallel Computing, Umeå, Sweden
PARA 2008  Theme: State-of-the-art in Scientific and Parallel Computing, Trondheim, Norway
PARA 2010  State-of-the-art in Scientific and Parallel Computing, June 6–9, Reykjavik, Iceland
PARA 2012  Finland

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