Conference proceedings

Unfortunately we have experienced some delays in preparing the Para 2010 proceedings, but as of 11 February 2011 we are back in full swing, and hope to publish the proceedings this spring.

pringer have agreed to publish the Para 2010 conference proceedings, consisting of full papers, in their LNCS series. Following are instructions both for authors and editors.


Deadline and format of submissions


The deadline for submitting manuscripts will be 15 Sept. 2010 - "Extended to 19 Sept" and we shall adhere strictly to a 4-3-2-1 schedule: 4 weeks for first review, 3 weeks for first author revision, 2 weeks for second review, and 1 week for second (and final) revision. The submitted papers should follow the LNCS style, and there is a strict 10 page maximum length of the papers - "Extended to 11 pages". Authors must use LaTeX2e and the class file lncs.cls inside lncs2e.zip. A useful example (containing more LaTeX-technical details) is typeinst.pdf (with associated TeX source typeinst.tex). All these files may be found on http://vefir.hi.is/para10/lncs.


Planned schedule in more detai


1. Manuscript submission. Authors send manuscript pdf files to me via e-mail, Þetta tölvupóstfang er varið gegn ruslpóstsþjörkum, Þú verður að hafa JavaScript virkt til að sjá það. , on or before 15 Sept. For minisymposium papers I shall send all papers directly to the respective minisymposium organizers, who act as associate editors. With the help of other conference organizers I shall handle the editing of other papers (the "topic" papers), as well as manuscripts authored by the editors themselves. Upon receiving the submissions from me, the editors should send an e-mail to the authors, acknowledging receipt of the manuscript, with cc to me, so if the authors do not get such a message they should send me an inquiry.


2. First review. The editors find 3 reviewers per paper (one can be themselves). After receiving reviews the editors make a decision on the manuscript (accept as is, accept with minor changes, accept with major changes, reject) and send it directly to the authors together with comments and suggestions from the reviewers and/or themselves, with cc to me. This should be done before Oct. 15. If the editors have difficulty in obtaining 3 completed reviews, they can in exceptional cases proceed with only 2 reviews.


3. First revision. The authors send revised manuscripts both to their editor and to me within 3 weeks. This time they must include both a pdf file and all LaTeX files that are not part of the standard TeX archive (CTAN).


4. Second review. The process for the second revision is the same as for the first one, except that it should be finished within 2 weeks. This time the only decision options are: accept, accept with small changes, and reject.


5. Second revision. The authors put the final touches on their papers, and again submit the TeX files and a pdf file to their editor and to me. They have 1 week to do this.


6. Publishing. We expect the final result around New Year!


Kristjan Jonasson

University of Iceland

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