How cool is Iceland?

How cool is Reykjavík?

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Average temperature around noon 2001-2011

Hottest to coldest temperature around noon 2001-2011

When you visit us in Reykjavik, the temperature you can expect is not reflected in the name, Iceland. Our summers are not overly warm and our winters are quite mild.

So this is what you can expect, the normal temperature in Reykjavik and it's highs and lows for the past 10 years. Let's see how the average temperature in Reykjavik compares to Oslo.

We'll hide the hot/cold for a bit to simplify things. The summers in Oslo can get quite hot — and the winters can also get quite cold.

Now you are in control. Try to compare Reykjavik's temperature to other cities'. You can switch the high/low areas on and off to see how hot and cold it can get in each city.

Source: University of Wyoming Explore this data

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